Friday, August 3, 2012

Hangout with our new friends :)

On Wednesday when we had our kid's service, we bumped into six teenagers that were on the school grounds where we normally spend time with the kids. We started talking to them and invited them to join us for the activities that we had planned out for the day. To our surprise, they agreed to stay and were involved in all that we did. Afterwards, we invited them to our house for a hang out so that we can get to know them better. Today, they all showed up and we were excited. We started off with a few ice breaker games so that we can get to know their names. However, we felt it was necessary to share the Gospel message with them, and so we did. Natasha, a local from Kiev shared the Message with them and asked them all if they wanted to pray the repentance prayer. One boy, named Andrey courageously raised his hand. The others looked at each other, and also wanted to pray the repentance prayer. After the prayer, Natasha explained to them how important it is to remain in fellowship with the Lord and read the Bible daily. We gave each teen a Bible of their own and invited them to come over next week. Together we all enjoyed Smores' and sang songs around the bon fire. It was a wonderful time that we had with the teenagers. 

We thank God for opening a door and giving us the opportunity to get to know the teenagers and share the Gospel message with them. We ask that you continue to pray for our team and the people here in Baryshivka. May all the Glory be to God.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Kid's Service: Water Balloons

For the past two weeks it has rained on the days we had kid's service and most of the kid's were not able to show up because of the unexpected weather. However, this past Wednesday we were blessed with sunshine and more kid's showed up. The lesson that was taught was about Heaven. For a craft project they all had the chance to color  and decorate the gates of Heaven that we printed out for them. The children were all so excited to color and decorate with glitter, stickers, and paint. After the fun craft project, we all decided that it was time to pull out the water balloons and play some games while the weather was great. It was so much fun and yes, we all ended up getting wet. The following Sunday the sunshine was out again and it was very hot so we played with water balloons again :)

When it rained, plan B was putting the parachute over the trampoline

Kid's tossing water balloons over the net :)

Homemade Jam

One elderly lady from the church named Mariya Joseph has given us a whole bunch of plums and walnuts. We knew that we were not going to eat all the plums before they get bad so I really wanted to try and make some jam for the first time. I went to the market and bought some strawberries to make the jam taste more flavor full. Who knew that plums and strawberries would make such a good combination. The jam had a sour, but very sweet taste, making it perfect to spread on bread and drink tea. 

Our lovely ladies have been so kind to provide us with potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, beets, and soo much more. So as a thank you for all that they do for us, we gave them the homemade jam that I and the girls made together. 

 And this was the end result of the jam :) yummmy!!

Friday, July 27, 2012


We go to a prayer service every Thursday evening. usually, it takes place at one of the local lady's house, but for the last 2 weeks, it was at our house. We had a very blessed time, even some ladies that usually do not come showed up. We have interesting discussions during our meetings, and its always nice to know that you have a support group, so to speak. Some of the ladies had special prayer requests, and we take those very seriously. Each of them also prays daily for their families, as some members of their family have not yet come to the Lord. please support them and us in prayer.
Every meeting with them is a bit funny to me personally, because I'm not fully accustomed to the way they talk. At times, it seems as though they are telling each other off, even though one is just explaining a point to another. And they love debating. They make me think of sisters =D
They pray for and encourage one another, though, and that makes me so happy. Yesterday, for instance, one mentioned that she has been upset with the Lord; and two or three others began a pep talk right away. "Don't worry," they said. "Just trust in the Lord, believe that He knows what He's doing. We will pray for you together, and we'll keep praying. Hang in there, sister."
It's just so sweet. Our leader also read psalm 27 for us, and said that its a very good psalm to read when we're feeling down. It is. David was truly a man after God's own heart.
They stayed for tea last week, but this week hurried off, probably because it was getting dark. We didnt let them leave, however, unless they at least tried our new jam. They loved it.
We love our local ladies, and wish them and their families blessings in abundance!
Continue to pray for us, we are always in need of a blessing. Thanks so much

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kid's Camp

Getting Ready

drew him, painted him, and cut him out

we love DIY projects

"more left. no, more up. hold it straight!"

With the Kids 
bracelet making

 lesson with the youngest group

story of the good Samaritan

 "Jonah, wake up!"

they love helping

Praise God! Kid's camp was a huge success. About 50 children were registered, and they all loved it. We were sad to end, but we didnt finish forever. We now hold lessons with the kids twice a week. Every Sunday and Wednesday we gather them up again and teach something new from the Bible. We have 15 to 20 kids each time. Please pray for us, so that we have the wisdom to teach them correctly, and according to the Lord's will.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Week 2

Thursday, we went to see the elderly lady again (we’ve taken to calling her grandma), and sang more songs for her. The guys helped her out with some physical work she needed done in the garden, and the girls talked to her. We also went to prayer, which was very blessed. On the way home from prayer, Vadim, Lena, and Elona met a few locals, and agreed to hang out soon. Friday, we went to Kiev for the day, to see the city and hang out with the youth from the church in Kiev. We walked around, visited many interesting places, and met a few girls from the church youth. We watched the soccer game as well, and had an all around good time.
Saturday was a day of preparation to church. We prepared a program in which every member of the group was somehow involved. At night, some of us went to hang out with the local youth to build closer relationships with them. We sat in the park, played guitar, and sang songs, and two or three different groups came up to us to listen to us, talk to us, and ask us who we are and what we are about. We had a great time, and one of the groups even ended up singing for us. When it was time for us to leave, they did not want to let us go.
On Sunday, we had a great service, filled and very blessed. We had prepared a short skit about how we need to let Christ shine through us without our having to say anything to people; two sermons, and we sang a song for the church as a group. Everyone seemed to love the service, even the two unchristian elderly women that came to visit the service. Sunday night, we held a bonfire at our house, and invited the youth over. We had about 12 guests, and we had a great time sitting around the fire, talking about God, eating, and teaching the new people how to make and eat s’mores. They loved it and said they would come again next time. We all went to bed feeling honored to be able to serve and be a blessing for others. Praise the Lord.
Monday, Danyyil went to Kiev to pick up a trampoline for kid’s camp (read below), and the other guys went to a local ladies house to dig a hole for her, as she is unable to do it herself. The girls were preparing for the camp at home.
Tuesday, we had our main group meeting, the guys did some physical work for some of the ladies, and we went to bible study in the evening. We read and discussed Acts chapter 17 and had a blessed time.
Wednesday, 3 of us (Danyyil, Angie, Elona) went to Kiev to stock up on supplies for the kid’s camp. We spent about six hours there, and bought just about everything needed. The rest of the group stayed home, and prepared for camp there. They designed invitation fliers, went to have them printed, and Lena visited grandma again.
On Thursday, two of the guys went to finishing digging the hole they started on Monday. They came home exhausted but did not complain. The girls were all at home, preparing the program for camp. In the evening, we wnt to prayer at the house where the guys were digging. We took one look at the hole and understood exactly why they came home so exhausted. It was HUGE!! We were very proud of them.

We are planning on holding a kid’s day camp next week. This past week was completely immersed in preparing for it. Sunday is opening night and registration, and the camp itself will be held Monday through Thursday. We want to get to know the kids of Baryshivka a bit, and a day camp is a wonderful chance to do so. We are very grateful to the school director for giving us permission to use the school grounds for such an occasion. We are all incredibly excited for it, and each member is very involved in the planning.  We even have a trampoline, and it is bound to be a hit with all the children. We spent today (Friday) hanging up and passing out fliers. We do not know how many kids to expect, but I have a feeling there will be quite a few. Please pray that everything works out, and that God may open the hearts of the children and their parents to hear and accept His word.

Thanks to everyone who supports us and prays for us. We are so grateful for all of you. Please keep praying, and we will keep you in our prayers.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week 1 Update

It is day 7 here in Baryshivka. We are adapting, some slower, others faster, but surely nonetheless. Personally, I feel as though I'm in a dream of some sort. It is just so unreal, even though I'm adapting quite quickly.
We arrived here on friday the 8th, and spent 3 days and nights as guests in the house of the local pastor. We moved out, and into our "own" house Monday morning. It really is very nice. Running water, hot water, gas stove, inside and outside bathrooms, a big yard, 3 usable bedrooms; pretty much the whole shabang. It is so nice to live in a house we can call our own.
Very quick rundown on our week, as I am in a hurry. I do not have much time today, but it has been a week, and weekly updates are always good.
Friday and Saturday, we were just getting used to the new surroundings, the people, and the time zone. We're actually still working on that =). Sunday, we went to church service. It was very blessed, and an elderly lady repented and gave her life to the Lord. Praise God. Monday morning we moved into our house, and spent the day settling in. We also watched the soccer game out in a restaurant/cafe. It was a very good and interesting experience. Tuesday, we did a bit of visiting. We visited an elderly lady, and went to a Bible study at another lady's.
Wednesday, we did some more visiting. We visited a member of the church, a lady that had recently had surgery on her broken leg, and then an elderly lady who lives alone. We sang a lot, and just talked to al the ladies. They are such sweet women, it's just impossible not to love them. They may be a lot older than me, but they are just so cute.
Today, Thursday, we will do some more visiting, and we will go see the elderly grandmother. She doesn't have much visitors. I am excited.
I will try to have pictures for the next update. Till then, God Bless!